Shenandoah Risu (shena8) wrote in sgu_destiny,
Shenandoah Risu

Ferreira Fest 130 is now online!

Whether your vote has been cast early or it's in the mail - you can now enjoy a brand new Ferreira Fest, knowing you've done your civic duty! We check in with our charities, Louis Ferreira reads another chapter in our 4th Exclusive Reading Series, we have lots of friends news and a few blasts from the past, a Canadian Thanksgiving photo from Louis and screen caps from the series finale of The Man In The High Castle. And we have the first episode (a two-parter) of the first major series Louis has ever carried - Urban Angel! Watch it with us, and wear your voter sticker proudly as you join us for age-appropriate pineapple cocktails at our virtual bar! Everyone is welcome here, so come on in!
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