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Happily Divorced is a new comedy in which Fran Drescher's character finds out that her husband is gay, but they still live together. The story is very similar to what happened in Fran's real life when her husband of over 20 years, Peter Marc Jacobson, came out as being gay after their divorce. Jacobson has been a producer of several shows that Drescher stars in, including The Nanny and this new one.

More at She Knows: The Nanny & Mr. Sheffield jump back into bed on Happily Divorced!: "Lou Diamond Phillips was also on set at Happily Divorced, but that was last week. "Wht a hunk!" Drescher tweeted on July 14. He's also slated to air in August, but SheKnows imagines he's in the episode before The Nanny reunion."

For SG-1 fans, Charles Shaughnessy, who played Mr. Sheffield in The Nanny, also guest starred in the episode "Covenant" as Alec Colson.

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