October 28th, 2009


Robert Carlyle Interview

Associated Press

It covers Stargate Universe and some of Carlyle's other projects.


"When the actor reads a script, they instantly go to the end: 'What happens to ME?'... I don't want to know what happens to me! I don't want to know whether I live or die.

"I've tried to use that technique through my career, and on this show, strangely enough, I've actually been able to. I said to the guys, 'Don't tell me where Rush is going! Tell me a bit of back-story — that's important, because I've lived it. But don't tell me what's going to happen.'

"The rest of the cast, they want to know. But I play each scene as it is, day by day by day."

Ratings for "Light" on Syfy

From TV By The Numbers

Ratings for "Light" (in respect to Syfy's offerings):

Rank Shows NET DAY Time Viewers Live+SD (000)
1 GHOST HUNTERS SYFY Wed 09:00P-10:00P 3,067
2 GHOST HUNTERS SYFY Wed 08:00P-09:00P 2,068
3 STARGATE UNIVERSE SYFY Fri 09:00P-10:00P 2,015
4 DESTINATION TRUTH SYFY Wed 10:00P-11:00P 2,011
5 GHOST TOWN SYFY Sat 09:00P-11:00P 1,843
6 SANCTUARY SYFY Fri 10:00P-11:00P 1,694
7 SCARE TACTICS SYFY Tue 09:30P-10:00P 1,633
8 SPLINTER SYFY Sat 07:00P-09:00P 1,615
9 FLU BIRD HORROR SYFY Sat 05:00P-07:00P 1,552
10 TIMBER FALLS SYFY Sat 03:00P-05:00P 1,488

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The number of SGU-themed LJ Communities is growing—and the number of links I have available is dwindling—so, now is a good time for us to create a list for one-stop shopping. If you have others to add, please drop a comment and I'll put them here. (The only rule that I can think of right now that applies is that you're not advocating that your community take this one's place.)

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Mallozzi's Update for October 27, 2009

Mallozzi's Weblog Link

[NOTE: This entry has several nice images of the stars about which Mallozzi talks concerning their farewells. Visit the link for the GALLERY.]


Boy, that was fast! It seems like just yesterday we were touring the half-constructed Destiny set over on Stage 4, watching it all come together and working on scripts for Stargate: Universe’s first season. Suddenly, it’s nine months later, we’re finishing up production on year one and already thinking ahead to next season.

This week, we say our goodbye’s – actually, let’s stay positive and call them see-you-later’s – to our wonderful cast and crew. Yesterday, it was two actors whose work I’ve admired for years and who, over the course of this season, surpassed my lofty expectations both on set and off: the lovely Ming-Na and the equally lovely Lou Diamond Phillips. Great performers, yes, but, more importantly, incredibly warm, kind, and buoyant individuals. Lots fun.

Today, it was see-you-later to three more cast members. First up, another class act: the great Robert Carlyle. On any production, number one on the call sheet sets the tone for the entire cast. If your star is a jerk, then you’re in for a hellishly loooooong production. But if your headliner is professional and considerate, then the production will be heavenly and over before you know it. And, like I’ve already said, time HAS flown. Bobby has been a delight to work with – kind, humble, and nothing short of spectacular every time he’s onscreen.

It was also the last day for funnyman Louis Ferreira. Yes, it’s true. Funnyman. In truth, Louis is VERY different from the brooding, authoritarian Colonel Everett Young you see on SGU.

Trust me, it’ll be a while before you see Young wildly launching into hilarious impersonations or jumping into the catering truck to serve that day’s lunch: [images] ...

Louis is a wacky, wonderful guy who really should be doing comedy. But only once SGU wraps. Give it another 5-10 years.

Finally, another see-you-later for the drop-dead gorgeous and hugely talented Elyse Levesque whose performances this year have never failed to impress. Also, she is quite possibly the sweetest person I know.

Between all those goodbyes, we finally found time to sit down and start tossing around ideas for season 2. We have a general sense of where we want to go in those first ten and have some surprises in store for all of our major players. Tomorrow, we get down to it and start fleshing out those individual stories, seeding and developing the various character arcs.


[NOTE: These have been rearranged so as to fit under topical cuts.]

JYS writes: “Apparently a friend of Katherine is on SGU playing someone in the military…”

Answer: Yes. Airman Becker (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman).

Sarah Lee writes: “Can the SGU shuttle go through a Stargate?”

Answer: The shuttle is significantly larger than a puddle jumper, and a jumper could JUST make it through, so I’d have to say no, do not even try it.

Josua Meyers Extraordinary Teenager writes: “You say it takes several million years to get home with FTL technology if the Destiny does a U-turn. But what if somehow they retro-fitted a wormhole drive or hyperdrive?”

Answer: Where the heck would they pick up a wormhole drive or hyper drive?

Ryan writes: “How did the Ancients go about making their ZPMs, and why hasn’t the Atlantis crew figured out how to replicate the process yet?”

Answer: No one knows how the Ancients went about making their ZPMSs – which is why the Atlantis crew haven’t figured out a way to replicate the process.

Aragon101 writes: “Do you ever read SG Fanfiction?”

Answer: Nope.

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New community: Young/Rush

I've set up a new comm for Young/Rush slash: young_rush

A place where all lovers of the long haired and limping duo can get together and enjoy their snarky grouchy banter, (it's just disguising their true love, honest).

Post fics, icons, art, vids, mixes or anything else you can think of as long as it's Rush or Young related. There will be episode discussion posts and  fanwork challenges, so hurry up and get involved. This ship is fresh and new and shiny, come on over and tough it up a little.

I'm also looking for co-mods, so if anyone's interested, let me know.

See you there!