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Stargate Universe in More Countries

Here's an article that states that Stargate Universe will be reaching more of the international market soon (from http://www.c21media.net/news/detail.asp?area=4&article=53139):

Stargate Universe expands

NEWS BRIEF: Sci Fi Channel will air Stargate Universe in Poland, Romania, the Balkans, Latin America, Benelux and in German-speaking Europe via Tele München Group.

The series, billed as an edgier addition to the Stargate franchise, will debut first in Poland, Romania and the Balkans on January 21. It has already launched on SyFy in the US, Sky1 in the UK, Space in Canada and the Sci Fi pay-TV platform in Australia.

25 Nov 2009
© C21 Media 2009

ETA: More at http://www.worldscreen.com/articles/display/23457

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Nov. 25th, 2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
Still no confirmation for NZ tho *sigh*
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